THE RACK Gi Review - Senso Academy Gi.

Senso BJJ make an awesome team gi for every day rolling for men, women and kids. This is one that we're immediately impressed by and find it a seriously comfortable and enjoyable roll. Beginners would love it and I think experienced practitioners will appreciate how it's designed to suit all levels of performance. This BJJ gi comes in options for adults and jiu jitsu kids.

This video shows some testing of the Senso Academy Gi in Black in a roll with Coach Justin Bennetts of The Agoge BJJ in Brisbane. Justin is working with the Senso Hempo 100% Hemp gi, which is also insanely good but will get its own review later.

With all of our product reviews we're discussing:

1. Overall what makes this product appealing, as-in why have we chosen it for Grapplers House?

2. First impressions when receiving the product.

3. How does it look?

4. How does it feel on the body?

5. How does it perform in a training or rolling situation?

6. Durability

7. Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness

8. Price

9. Overall Summary and our Recommendation

What makes it most appealing?

No question - It's an all-rounder that looks amazing due to its well fitted cut and contrast stitching! The simple but appealing aesthetic of the Senso Academy BJJ gi makes it a prime candidate for any academy to utilise under their own branding. The kimonos are cut to a really nice looking fit for all body types. Senso embroideries are intelligently placed to remain inconspicuous for those academy-branded situations. This is also a well-priced BJJ gi for the Australia market.

First impressions?

This Jiu Jitsu Gi has a tough, professional and high-quality look in all colours, I think in particular with the contrast stitching used in the blue and black versions. When first wearing the gi you notice the jacket is tough but light and the 10oz 100% cotton ripstop pants feel super soft and light. Also, we love the thick, soft elastic drawstring on the pants. This gives a nice and firm fit at the waist and hips without bunches of fabric.

How does it look?

Again, this is a plain and simple gi with a quality aesthetic. They come very plain and with Senso embroidered logos tucked away to allow academy branding to shine. For those who are after a very understated look in a gi for everyday training without compromising on quality we suggest having a good look at the Senso Academy Gi. The contract stitching gives enough pop to provide some character on its own.

The black colour comes as a classic black, not too black that it's glossy or cheap-looking. The blue version is a vibrant royal blue, which looks fantastic against the white contrast stitching and the silver Senso embroideries. The white gi is also well complimented by the silver and red Senso brand embroideries.

How does it feel on the body?

Senso have lined the kneck and shoulders of the academy jiu jitsu gi with their coolmax fabric, which is the same as they use for their best rash guards (shop nogi gear here), so with or without a rash guard underneath the kimono is very comfortable through hard training. The cut feels nice and slim in normal sizes, particularly in the top of the gi pants, which are not made baggy or with excess fabric - the pants have a quite a high crotch so keep this in mind depending on your body type.

Performance in training/rolling?

The Senso Academy gi is a fun roll, particularly for Australian conditions. While the pants are made very light we've taken this gi through more than five full training and rolling sessions, including multiple, hard competition training sessions on grippy puzzle mats. So far the pants are holding up really well everywhere, including at the knees where they're reinforced by Senso, but also where I've been putting them to the task.

Although this is definitely a more fitted style of gi it is not at all restrictive and in fact feels less grippy on the skin than most gis, both when dry and wet. Importantly though, Senso provide more generous fits for this gi in the W sizes (such as A2W, A3W etc.).


See Performance in training/rolling above. Furthermore the jacket is designed as an all-rounder in 420gsm cotton and with an EVA-filled collar that is middle-of-the-road in terms of size and softness. This should make for a very sturdy but high-performing jacket.


Being all cotton this gi sits carries no particular advantage in terms of sustainability. However, it is no more harmful to the environment than 99% of cotton gis made today. We would like to see an organic cotton or hemp or bamboo blend.


AWESOME! We rate this very highly on price. At $159.95 this gi is well priced for its attention to detail, well-fitting and modern design. It's a performance gi with a lot of room for jiu jitsu clubs or individuals to represent themselves.

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Overall summary and recommendation?

The Senso Academy gi is a winning all-rounder and high-performance design. It's one we love to roll in, particular for hard rolls and competition training in the Australian climate. We don't think you can go wrong with this purchase and it's one gi that we expect to see a lot of Australian clubs catching on to for their branded team BJJ gi soon.

Thanks for sitting in at Grapplers House. I'm looking forward to bringing you our reviews of more products.

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