THE RACK Gi Review - War Tribe Icon Gi

Grapplers House Experience with this Gi:

Estimated Training Hours: 24 hours

Competition Matches: 8

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"The Icon Gi is the third edition in the Elevate Collection. This BJJ Gi is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and innovation. This Gi features the War Tribe proprietary J-Flex Pants, paired with Grip Stop Sleeves and Premium Cotton Canvas Fabric, making this Jiu Jitsu Gi one of a kind. Be blown away by the meticulous detail and world class design." War Tribe

Some pieces of kit have something unique that just makes them stand out in performance, durability and looks. The ICON gi by War Tribe is definitely one of them. Scroll to find out why.....

a war tribe icon gi for sale in australia
War Tribe Icon Gi worn by Rafael Lovato Jr.

What make this Gi most appealing?

War Tribe gear is PREMIUM grappling kit. Simply put this gi hits you as a super clean and quality looking piece of kit from collar to ankle. 'Icon' Jiu Jitsu gi is absolutely the most appropriate name as it takes less than a minute into a roll to understand how War Tribe have tailored every detail of this BJJ kimono to perform, now and for a very long time. The major and unique design choice that pulls together the tasteful but unique blue/yellow aesthetic with maximum performance is its construction out of premium quality cotton canvas. This includes the proprietary J-Flex pants found in War Tribe's highest performance range of gi. More about that soon.......

First Impressions?

Interesting....very interesting, but very cool. As recently the 'Elevate' collection gis have become my go-to for competition and also for training (as often as I can keep it clean and dry), I'm putting the War Tribe Icon Jiu Jitsu Gi through its paces and so far am not the slightest bit disappointed. The cotton canvas jacket is slightly more rigid but this helps to keep its shape at the shoulders and so always looks fresh and ready to go. It seems to avoid becoming restrictive around the arm pits. There's no negative feel to this gi at first impressions - it just feels like a purposeful and high-quality piece of equipment.

How does it look?

Modern, fresh, clean and tight! The yellow trims and embroideries pop on the unique blue canvas all over in just that right way. The cotton canvas gives the gi a smoother texture on the surface than a traditional cotton pearl weave gi. The rigidity from the canvas jacket keeps a very strong looking shape across the whole torso, all the way through training rolls and competition rounds. Academy patches would stand out perfectly on the gi without eliminating the gi's own character. Keep reading to hear how it feels......

How does it feel on the body/Performance in Training/Rolling?

We've combined these two criteria together for this gi as probably more than any other they have been designed to work hand-in-hand.

Short answer - It feels how you would like it to feel. Light, cool, strong, nonrestrictive and very much in control. If you're thinking the canvas would make it a bit hotter than pearl weave jackets think again. I've not noticed this at all and, in fact at 350gsm it feels probably a bit cooler than most other lightweight gis we've experienced. Gram for gram this may rate as the coolest competition-legal jiu jitsu gi on the market.

This gi has the added 'Gripstop' sleeve design, reinforced for to restrict your opponent's ability to wrap their fingers into them and hold for very long without tiring out. This combined with the outer layer being canvas makes for very easy grip-breaking. It actually feels a bit unfair sometimes...really.

We've mentioned the feeling of strength, form and structure the added rigidity of the canvas gives the jacket, but we should say a bit more about the J-Flex cotton canvas pants. At 300gsm they are spot-on feeling in terms of weight but there's an added feeling of lightness that comes from the stretch in this technology. It seems these pants don't stick to your skin or the mats, or at least it feels that way and we suspect this is due to the fact that even when the pants are grabbed or pinched for a moment the stretch absorbs the tension. If nonrestrictive is what you're looking for in gi pants this is it.


Firstly, it's a War Tribe product so the attention to detail and focus on lasting toughness is there before we even start to talk about materials. But further to this War Tribe's Elevate Collection is the next level of design for serious performance and for long-lasting use.

The J-Flex pants being a cotton canvas alone is a seriously tough choice of textile, but the added stretch technology takes it to another level, reducing friction and concentrated wear. Of course, conventional methods of reinforcing are a bare minimum standard and War Tribe have opted for 10oz cotton ripstop reinforcing from the knee to the ankle to make sure of their product.

The tough cotton canvas jacket feels indestructible, the collar/lapel is thick and tough with the highest guage and density of stitching.


As with any product the most effective means of limiting waste is to improve the lifespan of your products and limit their need for replacement. This is where War Tribe have excelled with the Icon Gi.

We would like to see War Tribe add some focus on sustainable textile selection in the future, perhaps organic cotton.


Spot-on for its level of quality. If you want the most thoughtful design for winning rolls and competitions in mind, combined with unbeatable attention to durability then this gi is worth the $289.99 AUD price tag, no question.

We hope our own review of this gi has given some great insight for you to make a decision on a War Tribe Gi. Of course, if you have any further questions at all please don't hesitate to send us a message here.

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