THE RACK Review - Covert Combat Journey Ranked Rash Guard

Grapplers House experience with this rash guard:

Estimated training hours: 12 hours

"Designed with competition in mind, the Journey Range features a carefully selected medium weight fabric blend that becomes a second skin. Tight to the arms and torso, with a heavy waist band to avoid movement or riding up. The Journey Range is perfect for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, NoGi grappling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)." Covert Combat

No gi grappling is made for pure enjoyment of the sport without the hassles of fabric on your mind. You want a rash guard that you don't think about during training and especially a comp, but that looks right and stands the test of long sessions in the gym. The Journey Ranked Rash Guard by Brisbane-based brand, Covert Combat hits the spot. Actually they've really nailed it. Here's why....

First Impressions...

"Just right" is what comes to mind. The first times we noticed the Covert Combat ranked rash guard were out there on the competition mats, on the backs of Brisbane's best no gi grapplers. The colours used are particularly vibrant and eye-catching, that's the beginning. Adding to that is the fit and cut of these rashies. We've now sold a bunch of these rash guards in Australia and seen them in training and competition and it's noticeable how well they maintain an awesome shape and fit on all body types so far that we've seen. We had to get to the bottom of what brings these rashies together.

How do they look?

Modern, fresh, vibrant and tight. The rich rank colours really pop and give a sense of quality. The slim cut of this rash guard including its overall length and thickening detail in the bottom hem gives the wearer a neat and clean look. They don't tend to ride up at the bottom and put the bare abdomen on display, obviously provided the appropriate size is being worn. Brand graphics are modern and well-placed to not overpower but to give a clear, bold and unique character. No complaints from us on the visual appeal.

How does it feel on the body?/performance in training...

Well, it feels how you want it to don't even think about it. The spandex blend is not too heavy that it wouldn't flex properly and not too light that it would start hanging like a cotton t-shirt once soaked in sweat. It does carry enough weight that you feel properly protected and safe on the skin. There are no noticeable tight points in the shape of it so the shoulders and neck feel completely free to go to work hunting subs.

Our experience is that this rash guard feels almost the same after two hours of hard rolls as it does when you first put it on, with the only real difference being the cooling sweat (but the more of that the better).


After around 6 to 10 sessions in it there is no noticeable signs of wear and tear at all. We'd better get back to work to properly put this one to the test haha, but I get the feeling it's going to take a while to destruct.

The guys at Covert have paid some admirable attention to detail in designing the Journey Ranked Rash Guard. The fabric blend and the stitching detail have been specially selected for durability, without compromising comfort and performance, and without unnecessary bells and whistles.


Cost-effective! At $59.95 AUD these rash guards are excellent value for this level of quality and attention to detail. It's easy to spend more than this for some rash guards that don't meet the performance standard that Covert are setting.

We hope our own review of this rash guard has given you some great insight for you to make a decision on a Covert Combat Journey Ranked Rash Guard. Of course, if you have any questions at all please get in touch with us here.

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