Training Morning Green Protein Smoothie

This green protein smoothie is badass. It's now a go-to for me on the mornings of training - it tastes awesome and has nutrition, brain support and immunity support coming out its cauliflower ears. It's packed with functional mushroom nutrition, the most sustainable and plant-based ingredients, muscle and joint pain relief and recovery. Throw these ingredients in a shaker and know that you're getting what your body and mind need, with the right connection to the natural environment.

What's the good stuff in it:

100% RAW HEMP PROTEIN from The Canna Co

The Canna Co specialise in hemp nutrition products. This 100% raw hemp protein is still quite new to me and I imagine to even most people who are conscious of their fitness and choice of nutrition. Source directly from locally-grown, Australian hemp this protein is eco-friendly, plant-based, easily digestible and overall great for the gut. It contains all 20 amino acids and 50g of protein per 100g of powder. One scoop of this protein in the smoothie is a great start to your protein requirements and muscle-building support for the day. More information on Canna Co 100% Raw Hemp Protein can be found here.


Lion's Mane grows your nerves and you can tell. Jiu jitsu is a steep, steep learning curve for pretty much anyone I think. I've been taking Lion's Mane mushroom for a while now and the benefits have been unreal. Has improved my emotional intelligence or EQ, made my rolls a lot better - I'm not frustrated and I think quickly while remaining super calm. Lifecykel work to perfect the process of bringing the relevant bio-active compounds from Lion's Mane mushroom to a most potent and bio-available form. They do this by creating a liquid extract that can be added to this smoothie in a 2mL dose. More information on Lifecykel Lion's Mane Liquid Mushroom extract can be found here.

100% RAW HEMP SEED OIL from The Canna Co

By now we all know the score - that Fats are neccessary for good health - well, some of them. Hemp seed oil contains huge concentrations of essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are absolutely essential for cell and body growth, good heart health, and importantly for jiu jitsu practitioners, prevention and reduction of inflammation. But keep going, it's also rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin E, sodium, sulfur and zinc. One tablespoon of this raw hemp seed oil in this smoothie will meet your daily needs. For more information on hemp seed oil for nutrition click here.


Turkey tail mushroom has the oldest-known medicinal use. It contains bio-active compounds know as beta-glucans. It's a favourite of the world's leading mycologists and gut-health specialists for its proven ability to regulate gut health, improve immune function and has even been shown to destroy cancer cells to the point where Japanese biomedical companies have patented its compounds for prescription in the use of cancer treatment. A virus recently went through my household but my symptoms were so noticeably mild that I have to put a bit of that down to the Turkey Tail mushroom extract I was consuming daily. Fending off bacterial and viral infection quickly was essential to recommencing my Jiu Jitsu training safely so this ingredient is imperative in my smoothie. A 2mL dose is sufficient, as directed by Lifecykel. For more information on Turkey Tail Mushroom Liquid Extract see here.


I've been shaking these ingredients into my favourite green juice for the added fruits and veggies but I've also tried this with orange juice and It's well worth-it.

PURELY OPTIONAL......added muscle and joint support.


Terpenes extracted from cannabis are still in a relatively pioneering and cutting-edge phase as a nutritional supplement. The theory supporting their use lies in their ability to mostly provide psychosomatic benefits to people, triggering sensory recall through the strength of their aromas and tastes. It's proposed that some of the same cannabinoid receptors that are activated when consuming THC or CBD from cannabis are activated by these aromatic compounds that are responsible for giving different strains of marijuana its varying taste and smell. To find out more about cannabis terpenes, or give them a try have a look here.


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