Functional Science Meets Mother Nature 

This Special, LIMITED Run Sleep Terpene Tincture is a combination of terpenes optimised to support a restful night's sleep. Drift off into an easy, peaceful sleep thanks to b-Caryophyllene - known for its sedative & anti-anxiety effects.

Is a dropper a day enough? It certainly is, our love and trust for mother nature never disappoint so we're offering a Money Back Guarantee for your reassurance.

Health Benefits

  • Beta-Caryophyllene: Neuro-protective, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and a soothing, natural sedative.
  • Hermiterpenes: support calmness throughout the body & mind

How to Use

1ml of this terpene delight will be all you need for the day. Its high concentration allows you to savour your bottle at length, with only small dosages needed. 

For best effect use orally, mixed into a glass of water or juice to dilute. Terpenes have strong aromas & taste which is why it's important to dilute the dose in a cold beverage. 

Each bottle is carefully formulated to function at its best in relieving tough ailments. And thanks to the brilliant scientists at LIFE+GREENE, feeling better has never been this easy to achieve!

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