Inspired by the personal experience of one of Senso's owners, The Tomoe gi honors Tomoe Gozen, a late twelfth-century female samurai warrior, known for her bravery. Here's his personal account and story behind the gi:

"Starting off 2019 wasn’t as I expected.  In February of this year we got the dreaded call that changes everyone’s outlook on life.  Cancer.  My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, but luckily we caught it early and she is doing fantastic! After undergoing the physical and emotional strain, I can say without a doubt that my wife is the strongest person I’ve ever met. As an owner of Senso, I wanted to offer a Gi that embraces the strength of her being. After a lot of research, I found the perfect warrior I felt embodies such courage, Tomoe Gozen. 

Tomoe Gozen was a Japanese female Samurai that was undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with—equipped with strong bow and long sword, sheathed in armor, and charging on horseback to defend friends and vanquish foes. Lord Kiso no Yoshinaka was so impressed by her skill as an archer and her courage as a warrior, that he appointed her as his leading commander in the Genpei War.

At the Battle of Awazu in 1184, she is known for beheading Honda no Morishige of Musashi. After Tomoe Gozen beheaded the leader of the Musashi clan and presented his head to his master Yoshinaka, Tomoe's reputation was so high that she was considered the first general of Japan.

Because of my wife’s battle, a portion of the proceeds of the Tomoe Gi will be given to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  We hope this Gi inspires the warrior in you and you will encourage other to get checked early and often for breast cancer."

The Tomoe gi by Senso is made with a special blend of bamboo and cotton fabric, anti-bacterial, durable and very comfortable.

  • 550 GSM Pearl Weave 50% Bamboo 50% Cotton Jacket
  • 11 oz 50% Bamboo 50% Cotton pants
  • Women's specific cut
  • COOLMAX® fabric lining inside the jacket (shoulders and waist) and pants (gusset)
  • High definition embroideries
  • Brushed jacket inside (soft/comfortable)
  • Slim fit
  • reinforced knee pads
  • EVA foam collar with the perfect balance, not too hard (uncomfortable), not to soft (better grips for the opponent)
  • lightweight elastic drawstring on the pants

The fabric is pre-shrunk and will have minimal shrinkage if washed on cold water and line dried in the shade. You can adjust the overall size up to 4% by doing a controlled shrink. Wash it in warm water and dry it gradually from line dry, warm and hot in the machine settings, until it shrinks to your desired fit.

This is a reference for weight/height for each size:

F0 - 4'6"-4'9"   | 70-80 lb
F1 - 4'8"-5'2"   | 80-100 lb
F2 - 5'1"-5'4"   | 100-120 lb
F3 - 5'3"-5'6"   | 120-140 lb
F4 - 5'5"-5'8"   | 140-160 lb
F5 - 5'7"-5'10" | 160-180 lb